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Jan 2

Skin Whitening Home Remedies That Work: 3 Easy Recipes


We agree that people, especially Asian women, want and prefer white skin. The reason, it will make them look even elegant and pretty. In addition, a white skin also makes them look youthful and attractive.

As the effort to achieve it, some of women look for skin whitening treatment in the hope that they can have fairer or whiter skin. In general, dermatologists prescribe any method of skin whitening treatment to reduce abnormally high pigmentation that occurs in certain area of the skin.

Because of high demand in skin whitening treatment, many manufacturers of beauty and skin care offer many different type of skin whitening products. If you see and analyze, there are many brands available in the market that will promise you the result that you want. In short, they have similar “language of promotion”.

So if you want to buy them, it’s a good deal if you test them first before attempting to use. According to many studies, some of ingredients that commercials contain can be harmful to your skin and lead to adverse side effect.

Some people who prefer homemade skin whitening treatment suggest several recipes that have similar effect as great as commercials. Of course, they have fewer side effects or none. What are they?

The followings are many skin whitening home remedies that work you can consider. For better result, you should learn and consult with experts.

Powdered Alum And Honey

Alternative practitioners suggest applying the mixture of powdered alum and honey. How to make it? Just mix powdered alum and honey and then use it as a mask. You can apply it on your skin liberally and let it stand for an hour before washing.

You can buy alum crystals at the drug store or health food store. To make powdered alum, you can mash alum crystals to be powder. After that, you can mix it up with honey to be mask.

Why using alum and honey in this skin whitening recipe? The reason, alum can help lighten the skin and honey has bleaching properties. This powerful combination can improve the color of your skin. To get greater effect, alternative practitioners suggest applying skin whitening home remedies every night.

Papaya and Lemon Juice

Based on many studies, papaya and lemon juice have skin whitening properties. For simplest way, just try getting the extract of ripe papaya. Another way, you can mash and mix ripe papaya with one cup of lemon juice. Apply and massage this mixture all over your skin.

For greater effect, you should apply it consistently.  Let the papaya-lemon juice mixture stand for an hour before you wash it off.

Vitamin C

Almost all naturopathic doctors suggest taking vitamin C. According to them, vitamin C can help inhibit excessive metabolism of melanin in the body.

For the easiest way, you can buy vitamin C supplement in health food stores or pharmacy. But if you prefer natural, you can get vitamin in fruits and vegetables.

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